Traffic School vs Fighting the Ticket

We get lots of questions from generally pissed off students about whether they should fight the ticket or simply take their medicine and go to traffic school. Here is our advice: Fighting the ticket is certainly your right, so if you want your day in court, go for it. Just stay aware of a couple of things: First, with this rotten economy and so many people out of work, the courts are crowded, very crowded. And the courts seem to be reducing their operating hours all the time. Can you blame the unemployed folks? A ticket with a $400 fine is a lot of money and they have the time. Unfortunately, most of us struggling working stiffs (and students) don’t have much time to waste with the gubermint. Going to traffic court is not a first come, first serve event. It’s more like pot luck. The Judge will hear your case in some type of random court order. Which means you could be there for a few hours or all day. What is your time worth? That is the main question and only you can answer.

Let’s do some simple math. If you take our lead here at, you will learn that traffic school could be had for around 20 bucks along with only a few hours of your precious time. And you should know by now, with Internet Traffic School, you can complete it from home and on your schedule. By fighting the ticket, you will need to arrange your schedule to be at court on the specified time and date. Will you miss work or school? Is the court close to your home? Many times you may have to drive an hour or more to the court. How much is gas and wear and tear on your car going to cost? How about the aggravation of another rush hour traffic jam? Having any fun yet? If the police officer shows for the court date (and he usually will because he gets paid to show) you will probably lose your case, although the fine may be reduced. And after all that, you will still need to take traffic school. Now, we are all for sticking it to the man, but sometimes you just gotta put emotions aside and make the right call by just doing online traffic school, forget about fighting the ticket, and get the whole experience in your rear view mirror as soon as possible. Any questions?

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