How to Speed Through Traffic School

Here are some valuable tips on how to “speed” through traffic school.

  1. Select a DMV approved school from our recommendation list. We’ve taken most of the guess work out of the process, so feel confident taking your pick of any of these fine schools.
  2. If you are evaluating other schools, check to see if the course requires timers. If so, abandon immediately and choose another school. Timers slow you down considerably and are a real drag. None of our recommendations require course timers.
  3. Complete the first section of the course to gauge your timing. Most schools have a similar process for each section, but with different topics. Get acclimated with the first section and see how it goes. If you struggled a little, stop and take a break. That way you can think it over and come up with a better strategy. You will have an opportunity to do things faster on the subsequent sections. Did you ever say to yourself “If only I had a chance to do it over, I would have done better?” Here is your chance.
  4. Quizzes. All courses will have quizzes before the final exam. The quizzes should be open book/open notes and you should be able to retake the quizzes indefinitely should you fail.

An easy way to pass the quizzes quickly is to use the web browser search (or find) tool. What’s a web browser? (Don’t laugh, people do ask that question). The web browser is what you are using to view our site at this very moment. That program has a find or search feature,  so you can search text in any web page. Use the “Control F” trick. On a Windows computer, hold down the Ctrl (or CTL) button and at the same time, press F. A box will come up where you can type in what want to search. On a Macintosh, it’s usually the clover key plus F.

Suppose you are at the first quiz on Chapters 2 and 3 and a question asks: “What is the speed limit in an alley?” Hmm. You aren’t sure. Although, you do remember there being a speed limit section in one of those 2 chapters. You also recall different speed limits for different situations. Starting with Chapter 2 displayed, type CTL-F and type something like “alley” in the search box. In other words, search for the word “alley.”  If you don’t find it, do the same thing in Chapter 3. You should find it in seconds. There may be a few “alleys” so to search again quickly, press F3 to search again. Just repeat this process until you find the answer you are interested in. If done right, you should find the answer in just a few seconds. Now go back to the quiz and answer the question.

This technique also works great on the final exam.

Speaking of final exams, all courses require you to pass one (by the way, traditional classroom courses now do too). The final is a little longer because it pulls questions from the whole course and the DMV regulations only allow two final exam attempts to pass. The good news, the passing score is an easy 70%. And the exam, like the quizzes, should also be open book/open notes. In most cases, follow the same technique for quizzes.

TIP: Some people like to work from a sheet of paper or notes so why not just print the exam? Well that would be fine and dandy but wait, another DMV regulation apparently doesn’t allow you to print any traffic school materials. That sucks. So what can you do? Well, you came to the right site where our wizard has all the answers. Here is a little trick we discovered to print the exam. Just follow our simple steps.

If you try to print the exam, you may get a nasty message or the page will be snow white. Don’t frown, we found a work around. Just one favor, please keep this a secret. You will need a text writing program like Microsoft Word, Notepad or Wordpad (whatever your computer has will work fine). First, with the final exam displayed, highlight all of the exam text and copy to the computer’s clipboard. The easy way to do this is by first highlighting all the text by typing CTL-A (Control key plus the letter A). You should see all the text get highlighted. Next, copy the text to the computer clipboard. The easy way to do this is to type CTL-C for copy. Nothing will appear to happen, that’s normal. Next open your text writing program mentioned above. With that program open, type CTL-V (for paste) and the text will be pasted into the text writing program. Now you can print the exam and use that as your cheat sheet. Just look up the answers back in the course and fill in the correct answer on your printed cheat sheet. When you are done, return to the online exam and fill in the answers from your paper cheat sheet. Submit your exam and watch with glee as you pass the exam and the course.

WARNING: All courses will allow you 60 minutes to complete the exam. If you see a timer on the exam, you will want to close that window after cutting and pasting. Otherwise the timer will run out and you will fail your first attempt.

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