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  • Pros
    It was my first time (hopefully last), and I say if you'd rather spend an hour in the comfort of your home at the cost of having to take a few quizzes, this is the way to go!
  • Cons
    The only downsides are the requirements set by the court (100% on quizzes, if not you must go through all the readings before retaking the quiz).
  • Summary
    This was such a great experience. It's quick and easy. The cost is still about $28 ($20 for school fee and $8 for online verification to make sure you are who you say you are). All the quizzes are open book, and even though the final says it's not, you can still look at all the chapters. The final questions are the questions from the quizzes, so if you jot those down, it's super easy. They also have little random facts in the chapter readings (they are italized so you can spot them easily), so just keep an eye out for that. Basically, ctrl+f will be your best friend. If you get any question wrong, they'll tell you.

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