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    Wow! Easy to use, fast, and fun doggie facts.
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    This is the second time I've used My Dog Traffic School and couldn't be more grateful for the convenience. It's bad enough getting a traffic ticket and having to pay a fine; but if you can keep the points off your record by taking this course, it's not so bad. I researched other traffic schools and looked for convenience, price, and credibility. "My Dog" is thorough and not boring (the name is a good hint here) and you can take breaks, stop for the day or weekend, anytime. The final is not a slam dunk, but the course has reviews and quizzes that you can take notes on, anybody can pass the final easily! All the new and old driving laws are covered and I'm thinking about getting my company's drivers to take the course for that added assurance to protect them, our vehicles, & make the streets a safer place all around. Good Luck!

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