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    online traffic school and ID verification
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    None. Took about 2 hours to complete.
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    Just finished this online traffic school, I'm a first-timer and it was so easy and painless! This site does a great job at telling you like it is and what to expect. I did read the first few pages of instructions that it tells you will come in handy and that was helpful. Then, I took the advice of other Reviewers and just scrolled to the bottom of each chapter until I got to the quiz part. The site has links to the chapters you just read so it is easy to open the links in new tabs and just look up the answers using Command+f (like others on here suggested) and it worked perfectly! The final was really short and were all easy questions that were still fresh in mind. It took me maybe an hour, I took a break for breakfast. I did pay the $8.95 out of convenience and because I just wanted it all said and done right then and there, I would suggest that. My total came to $32.90. Link to website below.

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