Improv Comedy Traffic School

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    Kind of entertaining, only because the comedian was so bitter at having to teach traffic school.
  • Cons
    Horrible customer service. There are many cheaper options. Teacher was late and not happy to be there.
  • Summary
    I went to them online. Their server was apparently down (it can happen) but their website said nothing about it, so I went ahead and paid (apx $30) and went through the sign in procedure and did the first module, only to have the site crash when I went to do the quiz and pass on to the next section. So I had to sign back in again, and again it crashed at the same point. The third time it crashed, I called the phone number and they informed me that their server had been down since last night. There was absolutely no indication of this problem BEFORE I paid my money. And apparently the money collecting portion of their server was working just fine. If they were the only choice for traffic school, I think I would take the points on my license rather than have to deal with them again.

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