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    Cheap. Easy to use. Great Customer Service.
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    For a traffic school, I loved this course. It was simple to navigate and easy to do. I randomly chose this course from the literally zillions of schools listed on the DMV web site. The DMV site is so lame, it doesn't provide school web addresses. Heads up: just go directly to the schools web site at http://alohatrafficschoo… and skip calling them like the DMV site suggests. It took me approximately 3 minutes to register for the course. This is a self paced course so I was able to come and go as I pleased. Not counting breaks, I finished in about 2 1/2 hours but if I had to do it again, I could do it faster. The course is laid out logically and is a typical refresher driving course. There were a few facts that I didn't know. Mostly new laws I wasn't aware of. The price of the course was about $22. They offer a hard copy certificate for my records for $3 that I also ordered (it's a cheap $3 insurance policy). Not the cheapest course I found but close enough for my budget. The course also contained nice little oddball facts about Hawaii thrown into the chapters to keep me entertained. There was a short quiz at the end of each section. Mostly easy T/F questions. The final exam at the end was 25 multiple choice questions. All quizzes and tests were open book as described up front in the instructions so I was able to look up any answers during the exam. When I finished, the court certificate was electronically sent to the court (a big plus). I did happen to call customer service once at the end to inquire about my certificate getting to the court on time. The man I talked too was very pleasant and helpful. All in all, I would recommend this school to anyone who has gotten a traffic ticket. The Aloha site was really simple to use, the course was direct and didn't waste my time and the customer support was very good too.

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