Why The DMV Website Sucks

So here is how it’s supposed to work.  You received a courtesy notice from the court and the court told you that you are eligible to attend traffic school.  They point you to the DMV web site to find an approved school and you soon discover that the DMV site really sucks.

So where are the web addresses for the schools?  Where are the links?  They are nowhere to be found on the DMV website.  We are well into the 21st century and the DMV is stuck in the Model T era.  Don’t you want to scream?  What are they thinking? What are they doing with my taxpayer dollars?

Now, it wasn’t always like this.  We did a little digging and discovered some very interesting history.  The online traffic schools used to be controlled by the county courts.  But the courts pleaded poverty and wanted to pawn off the responsibility for all schools to the DMV.

But believe it or not, the county court web sites were so much better at this task of directing people to online traffic schools.  Even in the smallest of counties, the websites were easy to use and informative.  Now since the DMV now has all oversight, everyone has to use that dreaded DMV creation.  And they have taken us back at least 20 years in the past.  Did we mention it’s enough to make you scream?

Another problem because the DMV website only provides telephone numbers instead of web addresses. Let’s say you are a night owl and you want to start traffic school late at night. Online traffic schools are available 24 hours a day but most school operators want to get some sleep and aren’t available after 10 at night.  So you can’t call one of those easy toll free numbers.  There’s nobody there until morning.

All you want is the school web site so you can get started…  How about using a search engine?  That should do the trick.  But wait, I need a DMV approved traffic school and the search engine doesn’t know what’s approved and what’s not.  This is starting to get a bit frustrating, no?  And did we mention there are about a zillion names on the actual approved list to weed through?

Our advice: Use the DMV site to get a school name if you MUST, then use a search engine to find the school website and get started or call the school directly if you have questions that need to be answered. But whatever you do, run away from the DMV site ASAP.  It will only aggravate and confuse you further.  Better to use DMVTrafficSchoolReviews.com because we have done the hard work for you so you can get started.

Any comments?  Let us know.  We always like to hear war stories about our favorite whipping boy, the DMV.

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